Operating In Encouragement is a program developed within the congregation of being with one another, in small groups. Each member of the congregation is assigned to a "ONE Team" so that everyone can be involved in this work of love and service.

ONE Team Purpose is for everyone to find a place within this family.

  • We want each person to make a contribution to this family by their Encouragement to fellow members of the body of Christ.
  • We want each person to grow in sanctification, and find a closer walk with God by being blessed by people spiritually ahead, being positioned to lead you.
  • We want families to learn the value of another family.
  • We want those advanced in years to know the young in years.
  • We want service to ring loudly from this place.
  • We want the gospel to be taught, and seeds to be scattered in our community, to those who are outside the body of Christ.
  • We want to meet needs, and in the process, be able to speak to people about their need to be right with God.
  • We want to be the light in this community that God calls us to be.

ONE Team Goal is to leave behind the days of just being an "attender" to the worship service by embracing the biblical ideal of becoming a working part within the body.

God is not expecting a single person to do "everything," but he is counting on everyone to do “their thing.” We are called to serve the body that is the Rogersville church of Christ, for the glory of Christ.

Our God is a God of strength. He will provide each of us with the needed strength in order to become what He has called us (individually) to be. Together, we can become something greater with God on our side!

An inclusive list of each ONE Team can be found under the Members section.