Victorious. Christ makes us something we cannot be
on our own. Today we will all learn about the power
of this victory and where it should lead us in our
We are thrilled you are here with us. We know that
you have come to honor and worship the King of
glory. Thank you for the encouragement you share
with brothers and sisters by lifting your voices to
God in praise. Thank you for the prayers that will
remind us that we serve a sovereign God, worthy of
our humility. Thank you for your enthusiasm that you
will show in our study time, as we listen carefully to
what God is teaching us. It is such an encouragement
to be with a family that loves the Lord and loves his
people. It is such a blessing to be influenced into a
greater understanding of God through the lives of
people that desire to submit to him.
Our common faith, our shared anointing, our songs
about God's promises, our need for the word of God,
the presence of the Holy Spirit in our hearts...these
are the things that bind us together. It is not a
common meeting.
We are serving the Lord as we build each other up in
the faith!
- Alex