We are striving to influence our community and leave an
instructional impression that would encourage people and
lead them to a knowledge of what it looks like to follow
Jesus. When they are able to see our lives, it should be that
a path to Jesus is clearly visible.
We are wanting to participate in an effort to show
appreciation to our teachers at LCHS. We are going to do
this by writing cards for all the high school staff. Cards
should be written from the perspective of expressing our
thanks for their being a teacher, and remind them that we
pray for them. We will have a list of names on the table in
the foyer and when you have placed cards for the teacher,
just mark through the name so that others will know who
We are urging our parents to take the lead and help your
younger children to do this project, called “Love Our
Teachers.” But this is NOT limited to parents. We would
like for everyone to jump in and participate. Cards need to
be completed my March 12, so they can be delivered that
If we are going to be light to our community, then we can
take opportunities, like this one, to show our respect to
those to whom respect is due. We can honor those who
deserve honor. This is what Jesus has taught us to do.
Our Lord was a teacher. He is still teaching us through his
words and life. Today, in our worship, we will honor our
Master Teacher.
May God bless us as we serve His Son in our community.
We are the salt of the earth, and the light of the world.
People are watching our lives. We are seeking to live with
to the glory of God.
- Alex